Celene A. Seamen, President
Matthew Brickner, Principal
707 Salisbury Road, Columbus, OH 43204

BRHS Faculty & Staff

BRHS Administrative Team 2018-2019

Name Role Phone Email
Celene A. Seamen President ext 204 [email protected]
Matthew Brickner Principal ext 225 [email protected]
Joe Lang Dir. of Admissions, Social Studies ext 201 [email protected]
Rocco Fumi Dean of Students ext 213 [email protected] 
Will George Facilities Director ext 216 [email protected]
Michelle Kelly Alumni/ae and Development ext 223 [email protected]
Steve McQuade Athletic Director ext 211 [email protected]
Russell Rehner Business Manager ext 210 [email protected]
Zenia Strickland Director of Guidance ext 230 [email protected]              


BRHS Faculty & Staff


Faith Armstrong Mathematics ext 413 [email protected]
Brenda Ball English, Environmental Club ext 400 [email protected]
  Vitaliy Baranovskiy  Science  ext 401 [email protected]
  Zhiwei Bi Librarian ext 222 [email protected]
  Jeffrey Brown Science ect 411 [email protected]
  Kyle Callahan Theology ext.415  [email protected] 
Deborah DelPrince Theology  ext 414 [email protected] 
  Sarah Gleichauf  Music/IPERC   [email protected]
Jennifer Gramlich Guidance Counselor ext 227 [email protected] 
Ben Hilsheimer Social Studies  ext 419 [email protected]
Rose Ann Holocher Administrative Assistant  ext 205 [email protected]
Maria Illig
ext 410
[email protected]
  Katie Kapala  Theology   [email protected]
  Joe Knapke  Science  ext 408  [email protected] 
  Chris Kuhlow English    [email protected] 
Jill Larger Drama, Speech  ext 424 [email protected] 
Craig Lewis Band ext 218 [email protected]
  Tammy Linard Administrative Assistant ext 200 [email protected] 
  Elizabeth McQuade Guidance Admin ext 206 [email protected]
  Virginia Mendez  Hispanic Outreach/Attendance   [email protected] 
Tony Milano
Health/P.E. ext 416 [email protected]
Brittany Peck English ext 425 [email protected]
  Ann Polanco  World Languages ext.420  [email protected] 
Teresa Rehner Mathematics ext 404 [email protected]
Shannon Roof Science  ext 407 [email protected] 
Dan Skuce Mathematics ext 422 [email protected] 
  Eric Stanek  Social Studies    [email protected] 
Barb Stoll Visual Arts ext 412 [email protected] 
  Dean Tower
World Languages
ext 420 [email protected]
  Cheryl Ann Vasquez-Irving  World Languages  ext 402  [email protected]
Denise Vitullo Mathematics ext 423 [email protected] 
  Rob Wahl Technology Director ext 226  [email protected]
  Rachel Wayne World Languages ext 426 [email protected]
April Wilburn Visual Arts ext 417 [email protected]
Mike Willey Intervention Specialist ext 221 [email protected]
  Robert Wilson  Social Studies  ext 427  [email protected] 

Direct links to email have been omitted due to security concerns.  Type or copy/paste the address into your email program to send a message.

Faculty extensions may not be answered during class hours.  Call 614-276-5263 and speak to the receptionist.  After school hours, if you reach the autoattendant, you may leave messages by dialing the extension.