Celene A. Seamen, President
Matthew Brickner, Principal
707 Salisbury Road, Columbus, OH 43204

History of Bishop Ready High School

Bishop Ready
A Catholic tradition is born

Bishop Ready High School is named in honor of The Most Reverend Michael J. Ready, D.D., the Fifth Bishop of the Diocese of Columbus. Bishop Ready served as Bishop of Columbus from 1945 to 1957, during which time he secured the site on which the high school now stands. The groundbreaking ceremony for the school was held on May 1, 1960, with Bishop Edward G. Hettinger officiating. The dedication and opening was on September 24, 1961, with Bishop Clarence G. Issenmann officiating. The first graduating class was 1965.

Sisters of the Order of St. Francis taught at the school and a faculty residence was incorporated in the physical plant, which also included a gym, the Little Theatre, a cafeteria/study hall, library, music stage, music practice rooms, girls' and boys' locker rooms, science laboratories, home economics laboratory, photography laboratory, art room, ceramics room, main and administrative offices, 20 classrooms, and a chapel, dedicated to St. Michael, the patron saint of Bishop Ready High School. The school was state-of-the-art and renovations and additions over the years have kept it cutting edge.

The first principal was the Rev. Richard J. Endres; six religious Sisters, three priests, and five lay teachers comprised the first faculty. The current principal, Ms Celene A. Seamen, is the fourth principal at BRHS and the first laywoman to be principal of a Catholic high school in Franklin County. She is the longest tenured principal at BRHS. 

The two-story building that opened in 1961 had a total floor area of 95,695 sq. ft. and was built for a total cost (school and faculty residence, fees, and site improvement) of $1,237,000. A Science Wing was added in 1999 and a Weight Room, Wrestling Room, Band Room, and Trainer’s Office were added in 2004. 

While technological advances have necessitated changes that would have been unimaginable in 1961, Bishop Ready remains dedicated to its founding principles: the education of the whole person and a commitment to enhancing spiritual formation, academic distinction, and social responsibility in the Catholic tradition.

Over 6,000 students have graduated from Bishop Ready High School; many are second generation (some third-generation!) Ready alums. They are parents, members of religious orders, members of our armed forces, doctors, teachers, mechanics, coaches, nurses, artists, professional athletes, and public servants. They work full-time, part-time, they volunteer their services; they are active in Church groups, community groups, and politics. They live in Columbus and other Ohio cities and towns and in large cities and small towns across the United States. They have worked or volunteered abroad and continue to work to make this world a better place, for this generation and for generations to come.

Everyone who has ever passed through the doors of Bishop Ready knows that for as long as they live they have a home here and they are always welcome back.

Bishop Ready Tradition

Bishop Ready High School is dedicated to the principle
"Christ, in us, is our hope of glory."

When Bishop Michael Ready envisioned this high school, he wrote: "We owe it to our children and to ourselves, to open the portal of learning for every Catholic child. For the love of God and country, we are determined to give to Catholic youth adequate facilities in which to learn and live Christian truth and ideals." Today, that sentiment continues and encompasses not only Catholic youth but youth who are willing to commit to Catholic virtues and who have a desire to learn and are willing to strive for the best, pursuing academic excellence, spiritual formation, and community service.

The range of opportunity to explore interests and sports is wide and varied. Our various sports teams annually produce CCL award winners, as well as city, district, and state award winners. All students are encouraged to try out for any sports that are of interest to them. It’s not unusual for a student to participate in more than one sport. Our scholar/athletes often receive scholarship offers to continue their education on the college or university level.

 Bishop Ready is a strong tradition-minded community, with a strong family atmosphere, an emphasis on collaboration, and a pervasive volunteer spirit.

From our inception, Bishop Ready has valued the performing arts. Students develop their talents in band, liturgical choir, theatre productions, junior prize speaking, the annual talent show, and speech and debate.

At its founding, Bishop Ready High School committed itself to fostering a strong emphasis on scholarship by offering a curriculum that gave prominence to science, mathematics, and languages. Today, we continue to place a strong emphasis on scholarship and include a Distance Learning Classroom that allows BR students to learn from a teacher in another city or another venue (art museum, operating room) and gives our feeder school students an opportunity to take an advanced course from a Bishop Ready faculty member who teaches on-site at Bishop Ready. It all takes place in real time and there is a lively exchange between teacher and pupils. This, and an expanding curriculum tempered to the needs of today’s world, continues the founding vision of Bishop Michael Ready at Bishop Ready High School.