Celene A. Seamen, Principal
707 Salisbury Road, Columbus, OH 43204

Academics/Distance Learning

Bishop Ready High School Academic Program

First and foremost, Bishop Ready High School offers a college preparatory curriculum, with some classes divided according to ability.  The levels offered are: Advanced, College Prep I, and College Prep II.  Honors courses are also offered in English, World Language, Math, Science, History, and U.S. Government.  An integrated Physics-Calculus course is also available to qualified students.

Advanced Placement courses are offered in American History, Art, Calculus, Chemistry, Computer Programming, English, History, U.S. Government, and World History.  Upon completion of each course, students are required to take the AP exam.  A successful grade on this exam can earn college credit for the course, depending on the policy of the student’s college choice.

Bishop Ready also structures classes for students with Learning Disabilities, enabling those students to participate to the best of their abilities in the Bishop Ready experience.

Bishop Ready partners with Ohio Dominican University (ODU) and Ursuline College in offering college-level classes to our students, allowing them to earn college credit without leaving the building.

The Distance Learning Classroom allows Bishop Ready students to "attend" events, ranging from art exhibits to surgery, that take place away from Bishop Ready, and to be taught classes, such as law, by professionals in the field. Distance Learning also allows students from our feeder schools to “attend” Bishop Ready, taking advanced level classes taught by a BR faculty member.

In addition to the college preparatory curriculum, Bishop Ready offers to our students vocational opportunities, as well as a variety of electives that may be of assistance to a student’s college/vocational or career choices.