Celene A. Seamen, President
Matthew Brickner, Principal
707 Salisbury Road, Columbus, OH 43204

Clubs & Organizations

BRHS Clubs & Organizations

At Bishop Ready, we believe that the education of the whole person is vital to a student’s personal development. We encourage our students to develop their interests, or explore new ones, through the various clubs and organizations that we endorse. These are, of course, in addition to our extensive sports program that is open to all students.

Our current co-curricular program of student activities offers students the opportunity to develop a wide variety of talents and interests, assists them in developing leadership skills, and enables them to experience the responsibilities of collaboration and teamwork.

Our co-curricular program goes hand-in-hand with our overall agenda of assisting students with their academic, physical, spiritual, emotional, and social development.

Students may initiate a request to form a new club/organization and all consideration will be given to such a request.




BRHS 2018/2019


Club or Organization     Moderator Email 
 Art Club Barb Stoll    [email protected]
  April Wilburn [email protected]
 Campus Ministry Programs
  Deborah DelPrince [email protected]
  Kyle Callahan [email protected]
  Celene Seamen [email protected]
  Katie Kapala [email protected]
  Deacon Joe Knapke [email protected]
Barb SchwabKlaco
[email protected]
  Faith Armstrong [email protected]
  Matt Brickner    [email protected]
 Chinese Club Rachel Wayne [email protected]
 Choir Sarah Gleichauf [email protected]
 Concert, Jazz, Marching and Pep      Bands Craig Lewis

[email protected]

 Drama Jill Larger [email protected]
 Environmental Club Brenda Ball [email protected]
 FBLA (Future Business Leaders of     America) Maria Illig
[email protected]
 French Club  Cheryl Ann
[email protected] 
 In-The-Know Club Ben Hilsheimer [email protected]
 National Beta Club Teresa Rehner
[email protected]
  Denise Vitullo [email protected]
 National Business Honor Society Maria Illig [email protected]
 National Honor Society Teresa Rehner
[email protected]
  Denise Vitullo [email protected]
 Prom Committee Nikki Cacchio     [email protected]
  Shannon Roof [email protected]
 Ready Ambassadors Joe Lang [email protected]
  Celene Seamen [email protected]
 Science Club Shannon Roof [email protected]
 St. Vincent de Paul Society Kyle Callahan  [email protected]
 STEM Club Deacon Joe Knapke [email protected]
  Dan Skuce [email protected]
 Student Council Bob Wilson [email protected]

 Technology Club Rob Wahl [email protected]
 Yearbook Committee Barb Stoll [email protected]