Celene A. Seamen, President
Matthew Brickner, Principal
707 Salisbury Road, Columbus, OH 43204

Ready Report

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Spring 2019Volume 25, NO 2 FEATURES Ready brothers dot the "i", Renovations, Hall of Fame Inductees, Silver Knight Service Award, Welcome back Joel Cutler, Slone siblings, Jessica Carrier, Math Modeling Pilot Program5.56 MBDownload
Fall 2018Volume 25 NO 1 FEATURES Spirit Breakfast, Baccalaureate, Graduation, Studying Abroad, Matt Feeney, Osborn Brothers7.40 MBDownload
Spring 2018Volume 24 NO 2 FEATURES BRHS Alumni Hall of Fame, Unity in Diversity, Knight for the Future, Silver Knight Service Award13.11 MBDownload
Fall 2017Volume 24 NO 1 FEATURES Commencement 2017, All Roads Lead To BRHS, Chinese Immersion Day7.20 MBDownload
Spring 2017Volume 23, NO 2 FEATURES Celebrating Ready Writers, Alumni Hall of Fame, Knight for the Future, Student Spotlight4.83 MBDownload
Fall 2016Volume 23, No 1 FEATURES Bennett Family, Cacchio Library Dedication, Wiser Business Innovation Center Dedication, Graduation 20167.33 MBDownload
Spring 2016Volume 23, No 2 FEATURES George Pritchard Retirement, Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees, Trip to Italy, Alumni Reflections13.37 MBDownload
Fall 2015Volume 23, No 1 FEATURES Joyce Scholarship, Commencement 2015, Cacchio Library, Wiser Business Innovation Center, Siblings Abroad7.20 MBDownload
Spring 2015Volume 22, No 2 FEATURES Dean Tower teacher and coach, Community Based Learning, The Big Bang Theory Class Reunion '68 & '6915.06 MBDownload