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Athletic Trainer News

Bishop Ready High School Athlete Health Care Program

Bishop Ready Silver Knights Team Physician: Dr. Cole Budinsky

Bishop Ready Silver Knights Athletic Trainer:  Alyssa Spencer

Athlete Injury Procedures

Injury Reporting Procedures

1. All injuries and health concerns must be reported to the athletic trainer. All practice injuries should be first reported to the athletic trainer and then to the coach. If the athlete needs to be referred to a physician, the athletic trainer will coordinate this with the athlete’s parents.

2. In the absence of the athletic trainer, the coach will initiate first aid. The coach will notify the athletic trainer of all injuries within 24 hours of the injury.

3. Parents are encouraged to contact the athletic trainer regarding any questions or concerns related to their child’s injury and care and likewise should expect the athletic trainer to communicate with them regarding injuries to their son/daughter.

4. Injured athletes are expected to continue attendance to practice and games during the treatment and recovery period.

Medical Referral for Injuries

1. The Bishop Ready High School Athlete Health Care program is not intended to replace the primary care physician or dictate medical care. The choice of health care provider and initiation of the medical referral always remains at the discretion of the parent or legal guardian.

2. Parents have access to Nationwide Children’s Sports Medicine staff who help supervise all care provided by the athletic training staff. The athletic trainer is available to coordinate physician appointments with priority access, if the parents so chooses.

3. All athletes evaluated by their primary care physician or emergency room/urgent care must provide a note from the physician indicating the type of injury, course of treatment, and participation status. The note should be given to the athletic trainer promptly after the physician visit.

4. A physician MUST evaluate all head injuries before the athlete is allowed to return to any practice or game. The athlete must have a note from the physician clearing him/her to return.

Return to Activity Following Injury

1. All athletes who have been removed from activity by the athletic trainer and referred for physician evaluation MUST provide a note from the consulting physician prior to reentry into the activity.

2. All athletes who have been removed from activity, or placed on limited activity by a physician MUST present a note from the physician clearing the athlete to return to activity.

3. A physician’s note “clearing the athlete to full participation” is recognized only as a release to begin a gradual increase in activity designed to return the athlete to game ready status. This allows the athletic trainer to monitor the existing condition and assure safe return to intense and demanding game situations.

4. No member of the athletic training staff or coaching staff may clear an athlete to return to participate if a physician has removed the athlete from activity.

5. No member of the coaching staff may clear an athlete to participate if the athletic trainer has removed the athlete from activity.

6. Following physician clearance for return to participation, if clinical evidence, rehabilitation progression, or new injury information indicates that the athlete is at continued risk for injury, it is the responsibility of the athletic trainer to protect the health of the athlete. The athlete will be held from participation and referred back to the physician for reevaluation.

Taping / Bracing Policy

1. Tape is a medical treatment tool with a specific therapeutic purpose. The athletic trainer will direct the appropriate use of tape for injury care. Tape will not be made available for non-injury use.

2. If an athlete needs taped for an away event, they must get taped before they leave school by the athletic trainer. In cases where this is not convenient, the athlete needs to make arrangements with the athletic trainer to get a note allowing the athlete to be taped by the home school’s athletic trainer. The home school’s athletic trainer will not tape any athlete without written permission from either the visiting teams’ athletic trainer or a physician.


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