Celene A. Seamen, President
Matthew Brickner, Principal
707 Salisbury Road, Columbus, OH 43204

Campus Ministry

Displayed above the entrance of St. Michael Chapel:  Temperance, Faith, Prudence, Hope, Fortitude, Charity and Justice

The Campus Ministry Program

"As leaders in the field of the youth apostate, your task will be to help your parishes, dioceses, associations, and movements to be truly open to the personal, social and spiritual needs of young people. You will have to find ways of involving young people in projects and activities of formation, spirituality, and service, giving them responsibility for themselves and their work, and taking care to avoid isolating them and their apostolate from the rest of the excisable community."
                               Pope John Paul II,"Listen to the True Word of Life," 1993
Bishop Ready High School affirms its commitment to respond to the call of the late Pope John Paul II to work with our youth through the establishment of the Office of Campus Ministry. The goal of Campus Ministry is threefold:
  1. To empower our students to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today;
  2. To draw our students to responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the Catholic faith community;
  3. To foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person.
The Department of Campus Ministry does not complete this task on its own; rather, Campus Ministry's role is to weave this goal into every aspect of school life and to provide the resources to do so.
Bishop Ready students and faculty take ownership of school liturgies as ministers and preparers in cooperation with the directors of Campus Ministry. Any student wishing to participate in liturgical planning and preparation is invited to speak to members of the theology department who will facilitate that involvement.
Each year, Catholic students are invited to take instruction and training to be commissioned as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. Participation as an extraordinary minister is at the invitation of the student's pastor and requires consistent participation in parish liturgies. All students are invited to be trained for and participate in the ministries of the Word, music, art, environment, and preparation. Bishop Ready students are given the opportunity to lead and participate in other time-honored liturgies such as Liturgy of the Hours, Liturgy of the Word, Communal Penance service and reconciliation, Stations of the Cross, and the Rosary.
Bishop Ready students take "time-outs" during the school year in the form of retreats. Each retreat is planned to meet the needs of students in an individual grade level and is planned by Campus Ministry in conjunction with faculty. These experiences are often gender segregated and may include topics such as social justice, Scripture, life after graduation, communication, prayer, morality, and team building. Kairos retreats, which are four-day/three-night retreats led by a team of faculty and student leaders, are offered to seniors. Retreat days, whether in-house or off campus, are mandatory for all students in each of the four years at Bishop Ready High School.
Campus Ministry has resources for prayer, Scripture study, music, liturgical drama, retreats, communication, and moral and spiritual development available to students and/or their parents, faculty, and staff. Materials may be borrowed throughout the school year by signing them out with the Directors of Campus Ministry.
The Office of Campus Ministry is a forum for student causes and concerns. Students enlist Campus Ministry to facilitate projects that address needs identified by students that may result in students using the Bishop Ready community to assist an individual or an organization or a student forming his/her own on-going organization. Students may also be assisted by Campus Ministry in advocacy issues as they arise. Campus Ministry is open to students who wish to talk about their personal situations, and referrals may be made to on-campus and off-campus personnel as necessary. At times, students find Campus Ministry a comfortable place to regain their footing for everyday life.
Living the Gospel Message (LTGM) is a service-learning program in which all Bishop Ready students participate. The goals of Living the Gospel Message include a deepened understanding and experience of the principles of Catholic social teaching, particularly human dignity and solidarity, a growth in self-awareness, a stronger integration of spirituality into the student's life, and a broader sense of community. Students participate in Living the Gospel message each of their years at Bishop Ready. Guidelines for LTGM for each year may be found under individual class Service headings on this site.
Service learning is integrated into the theology classroom through reflection and discussion. A service learning test grade is recorded in theology and is based on the hours completed, a written guided reflection, and class discussion. In order to participate in all three components of the service learning test grade, service hours are due before Mother's Day. It is strongly recommended that incoming students, whether freshmen or transfer students, complete their service learning hours over the summer or early in the school year. 
Service for any organization or activity at Bishop Ready High School is not acceptable for LTGM minimum requirements; service must be done in the greater community beyond Bishop Ready.
The Supervisor Evaluation Form is available for download on this site or may be requested through Campus Ministry.
While our young women and men are students at Bishop Ready they are urged to remain active in their local parish/church. A Catholic high school and its theology classes do not replace parish community and involvement. Campus Ministry will assist students in maintaining a relationship with their parish/church youth ministry coordinator, if needed. Campus Ministry is available to assist all students while at Bishop Ready and to enable students without parish youth ministry to be involved in Diocesan activities that require adult supervision.
Campus Ministry will publicize any parish youth ministry event and news of which it is aware. It is advisable to inform theology teachers of upcoming events/activities as early as possible so information can be dispersed in a timely fashion. All official diocesan events will be announced as information is received. Information is shared via morning announcements and is posted outside theology classrooms.
The Diocese of Columbus has an excellent Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry (OYYAM). This office sponsors events on a regular basis.
The Diocese also sponsors a Senior High School rally that usually takes place in March. Each year, high school students and others gather at St. Joseph Cathedral to begin a pilgrimage of praying the Stations of the Cross. This pilgrimage is a four-mile walk through downtown Columbus with stops for prayer and reflection at various locations. This is a wonderful way of joining with youth from throughout the diocese to publicly pray for justice through the stations.
Campus Ministry has applications available for membership in the Diocesan Youth Council (DYC), which is composed of students from throughout the diocese and whose purpose is to meet with OYYAM officials to discuss, plan, and implement events for high schools students. The council provides leadership and training for students and meets once per month at various parishes.