Celene A. Seamen, Principal
707 Salisbury Road, Columbus, OH 43204

Junior Service

Living the Gospel Message (LTGM)

Junior Service Hour Guidelines 2014-2015


Service hours must be completed in the greater community outside of Bishop Ready High School; activities at BRHS

are not acceptable for LTGM minimum requirements.   Mandatory service activities through BRHS athletic teams do not count.


Guidelines for the completion of the junior requirement are as follows:

  •   A minimum of 20 hours of service must be earned following the last day of sophomore year and the last day of junior third quarter;
  •   Completion of service hours requires submission of a properly completed Supervisor Evaluation Form which can be downloaded from the website (see Campus Ministry link) or
  • Volunteering at, for or with a for-profit business or individual is never acceptable; ask before you earn!
  • Service is to be completed in a parish, church or faith community, hospital, nursing home, school, or any non-profit organization* that is in agreement with Catholic moral teaching;
  • Only hours earned on-site or at the location of service may be counted – no at-home activities such as baking or sewing are allowed;
  •   Any liturgical ministry, including but not limited to: lector, altar server, choirs (musical/voice) or Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion that is not a new ministry as of June may not be counted; no more than 5 hours in any one of the above; 10 hours maximum for liturgical ministries. Ushering/hospitality minister before Mass is maximum 10 hours.
  •  A maximum of five (5) hours may be counted for coaching, refereeing, assisting, keeping score, selling tickets or refreshments for sports teams, athletic events, or tournaments is allowed.  These provisions do not allow for-profit  club teams or cheerleading organizations;
  • Church or diocesan sponsored work camps or mission trips are acceptable, though only actual work hours will be counted;
  • An adult must sign, date, and record the number of hours earned on the Supervisor Evaluation Form.  Agency or organization printouts and letters on official letterhead may also suffice.  It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that the Supervisor’s Evaluation Form is complete. Other students, parents and/or family members may not be the supervisor and therefore may not sign forms;
  • The service hour requirement is not complete until a supervisor’s evaluation is given to the student’s theology teacher and verified by the Campus Ministry Team;
  • Bingo is unacceptable under any circumstance because of legal issues;
  • These guidelines are firm; no exceptions will be considered.


Particularly recommended is service with the disadvantaged, marginalized or poor. The following are suggested:


Catholic or Lutheran or Jewish Social Services

St. Vincent DePaul Conference (not BRHS)

Columbus Parks & Recreation Department

Humane Societies (non-profit)

Life Care Alliance/Meals on Wheels

Mid-Ohio Food Bank

Mother M. Angeline Home

Shepherd’s Corner at Dominican Acres

Special Olympics

Our Lady of Guadalupe Center

Holy Family Soup Kitchen

Ronald McDonald House

The Buckeye Ranch (Grove City)

Ohio School for the Blind

The Red Cross

Parish Schools of Religion or PREP

Heinzerling Foundation

Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Camp City Year (Columbus)

Downs Syndrome Association of Ohio

Columbus Literacy Council

Gospel Road, Diocese of Columbus

J.O.I.N. (Joint Organization for Inner City Needs)

Deaf Services Center (Worthington)

West Side Free Store

Run the Race Club


Any questions concerning community service, including the appropriateness of an agency or organization, must be addressed before beginning the service.+  If you are unsure about the agency where you would like to volunteer or the type of service being completed,submit your question to [email protected].


Students may begin to accumulate junior hours after the completion of their sophomore year (the day following their last final exam). A properly completed Supervisor Evaluation Form(s) is required as evidence of their service.  Supervisor Evaluation Forms indicating a minimum of twenty (20) service hours earn shall be submitted to their theology teacher by the last day of third quarter of the junior year. Students shall not work ahead to earn service hours nor take credit for excess hours earned in previous years.


Awards are given annually to students who perform service above and beyond that which is required, and are encouraged to do so. 


Students are advised not to submit Supervisor Evaluation Forms to the school during the summer break.  Bishop Ready High School is not responsible for misdirected forms sent during summer break. After the school year begins, Supervisor Evaluation Forms should be given to the student’s theology teacher. Please wait until the first day of regular classes to submit Supervisor Evaluation Forms.


Students will be required to write a reflection essay based on their service experience.  An academic grade for the essay based on a rubric which will be provided to students, will be included in the fourth quarter grading period.  No grade will be credited until a minimum of twenty (20) hours of service have been completed and verified in the current academic year.


Eligibility: Students who have not completed all service hours, according to the prescribed guidelines by the end of their junior year immediately become ineligible for all extra-curricular activities beginning in first quarter of their senior year. 


* United Way agencies who receive monies from the annual United Way campaign may be considered for service

provided that their mission is consistent with Catholic moral teaching.

+All scenarios for completion of this requirement cannot be addressed in this document; decisions of the Campus Ministry Team are final.