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Junior Service

Campus Ministry 2015-2016
Living the Gospel Message (LTGM)

Junior Year Service Guidelines

Service for any organization or activity at Bishop Ready High School is not acceptable for LTGM minimum requirements; service must be done in the greater community beyond Bishop Ready.


Guidelines for the completion of the junior requirement are as follows:

A minimum of 20 hours of service;

Service to be completed in a parish, hospital, nursing home, or agency listed below;

A maximum of 10 parish-based hours will count toward the minimum requirement;

A minimum of 10 hours MUST be completed in one of the agencies listed below;

Diocesan/Church sponsored work camps and mission trips are encouraged;

Bingo is not acceptable under any circumstances because of legal issues;

Working at home (baking, sewing etc.) is not acceptable service;

Volunteering at a for-profit business is never acceptable, not matter the clients being served;

A parent or family member may not be the supervisor;

Service is not complete until a supervisor's evaluation is given to the appropriate Theology teacher;


No exceptions are allowed. These guidelines are firm.


Particularly recommended is service with the marginalized or poor such as soup kitchens, food pantries, and homeless shelters. Suggestions include:


American Red Cross                                                                Hospitals

Boys/Girls Clubs                                                                       Huckleberry House

Buckeye Ranch                                                                         Humane Societies (non-profit)

Camp City Year (Columbus)                                                  J.O.I.N. (Joint Organization for Inner City Needs)

Catholic/Lutheran/Jewish Social Services                           LifeCare Alliance

Columbus Early Learning Centers                                        Mid-Ohio Food Bank

Columbus Literacy Council                                                     Mother M. Angeline Home

Columbus Metro Parks                                                            Nursing Homes

Community Kitchen                                                                  Ohio School for the Blind

Deaf Services Center (Worthington)                                      Parish Schools of Religion or PREP

Downs Syndrome Association of Ohio                                  Ronald McDonald House

Epilepsy Foundation of Central Ohio                                      Run the Race Club

Franklin County Board of Dev. Disabilities                             Salvation Army

Girl/Boy Scouts                                                                            Shepherd’s Corner at Dominican Acres

Gladden Community House                                                      South Side Learning/Development Cr

Goodwill                                                                                         Special Olympics

Gospel Road                                                                                St. Stephen’s Community House

Guadalupe Center                                                                       St. Vincent Family Center

Heinzerling Foundation                                                              St. Vincent DePaul Conference (downtown)

H.E.L.P. House                                                                             West Side Free Store

Holy Family Soup Kitchen                                                           YMCA/YWCA


Students wishing to volunteer in organizations not listed above MUST receive permission BEFORE service begins. Any questions concerning community service, including the appropriateness of an agency, should be addressed before beginning service. If you are unsure about the agency where you would like to volunteer, please check with your Theology teacher, a member of Campus Ministry or e-mail [email protected].


Students may begin their junior hours after the completion of the sophomore year and must have them completed and supervisor forms turned in by the last day of third quarter. A third quarter Theology grade is assigned for on-time completion, verification of this requirement, and a completed reflection. This grade is an all or nothing grade.


Students may not work ahead in service hours (each year’s service may not begin until after the completion of the current grade). Awards are given annually to students who perform service above and beyond that which is required.


After the school year begins, evaluation forms may be e-mailed, mailed or hand-delivered to the appropriate theology teacher. Bishop Ready High School is not responsible for evaluation forms delivered to the school during summer break. Please wait until the first day of regular classes to bring in evaluation forms.


All scenarios for completion of this requirement cannot be addressed in this document. Decisions of the Campus Ministry Team are final.


**Evaluation forms may be downloaded from this site or are available through Campus Ministry.


Juniors who are not up-to-date in their service requirement by the end of the fourth quarter of sophomore year will automatically become ineligible for all extra-curricular activities their junior year. Supervisor forms will not be accepted by anyone at Bishop Ready through the summer and the student will, therefore, remain ineligible until at least the first day of school. Affected students will need to return the appropriate forms on the first day of school the following year to their current theology teacher. NOTE: There are no exceptions to this policy.