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Senior Service

Campus Ministry 2015-2016
Living the Gospel Message (LTGM)

Senior Year Service Guidelines


Service for any organization or activity at Bishop Ready High School is not acceptable for LTGM minimum requirements. service must be done in the greater community beyond Bishop Ready.

Guidelines for the completion of the Senior requirement are as follows:

§  A minimum of 20 hours of LTGM service are to be done by a Senior student during her or his Senior year.

§  The Senior student is to have direct contact with the disadvantaged or marginalized, unless he or she is volunteering at Mid-Ohio Food Bank.

§  Completion of service hours should be done by the Senior student on-site at a social service agency, area hospital, nursing home, or United Way organization* that is in agreement with Catholic moral teaching.

§    It is highly recommended that the Senior student explore a service opportunity that is new to him or her.

§  A Senior student may begin her or his Senior year service hours only after the completion of all of the required Junior year final examinations.

§  A Senior student should not begin service until a service agreement** is signed by the student and the designated volunteer coordinator for the agency at which the service will be done. This agreement should be submitted to the Senior year Theology teacher.

§  Training hours required by an agency before the Senior student is permitted to do service are not acceptable as Senior service hours.

§  Bingo is not acceptable under any circumstances because of legal issues.

§    Collection of donations and fund raising events are not acceptable for Senior Year service hours.

§  Service for or under mandate from any organization or activity at Bishop Ready High School is not acceptable.

§  Volunteering at a for-profit business is never acceptable.

§  A parent or family member may never be the supervisor or sign the supervisor form.

§  A parent or family member of the beneficiary of service may never be the supervisor or sign the supervisor form.

§  Service is not complete until an unaltered, original supervisor's evaluation form*** is given to, and approved as acceptable by, the Senior’s theology teacher.

§  The LTGM requirement is not complete until the additional follow-up reflection over service are accomplished.


No exceptions are allowed. These guidelines are firm.

Particularly recommended is service with soup kitchens, local food pantries, and homeless shelters, and service-work camps. Catholic/Lutheran/Jewish Social Services, J.O.I.N., LifeCare Alliance, Mid-Ohio Food Bank, Mother M. Angeline Home, The Red Cross, Special Olympics, Meals-on-Wheels, and West/South Side Free Store are acceptable sites for a Senior student to do service.


Any questions concerning community service, including the appropriateness of an agency, should be addressed prior to beginning service. If you are unsure about the agency where you would like to volunteer, please check your Theology teacher, Mr. Pritchard ([email protected]), any member of the Campus Ministry team or Dr. SK ([email protected]).

Seniors must have all LTGM requirements completed by THE END OF THE THIRD QUARTER. It is recommended that the Senior student do the required service in measurable increments, and complete them one week prior to the end of the third quarter so that the LTGM required reflection may take place.

The school requires that a third quarter Theology grade be awarded for successful completion of the LTGM requirement. This grade is 25 points. It is awarded on an "all or none" basis.

A Senior student who does not complete all LTGM requirements by the end of the third quarter will be ineligible for BRHS's spring extra-curricular activities. These include sport and theater activities. A Senior student who does not complete all LTGM requirements may not graduate.

Seniors who exceed the service hour requirement are eligible for annual awards and scholarships. These are given to the top Senior students who perform service above and beyond that which is required.  Many colleges look favorably on an applicant with a variety of community service experiences.


*   United Way organizations are defined as those not-for-profit agencies/organizations that receive monies from the annual United Way campaign.

**        A service agreement is a note of intent by the student and acceptance by the agency.

***      Supervisor evaluation form may be obtained at the menu on the right side of this page.