Celene A. Seamen, President
Matthew Brickner, Principal
707 Salisbury Road, Columbus, OH 43204

Welcome to Guidance

The Department of Guidance strives to contribute to students' educational, spiritual, career, and personal/social development, by assisting in the realization of their maximum potential as unique human beings and contributing members of society.

Jennifer Gramlich
School Counselor
Freshman & Sophomore
[email protected]
Phone: 614-276-5263,
Fax: 614-276-5116 

Zenia Strickland
Director of Guidance
Junior & Senior
[email protected]    
Phone: 614-276-5263,
Fax: 614-276-5116

Jeanette Clark
Personal Counselor
[email protected]
Phone: 614-276-5263
ext. 221
Fax: 614-276-5116

For an appointment with a Guidance Counselor; please contact Michelle Neuhausel at 614-276-5263, ext 206.

Guidance News

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