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In order to get news and information to you in a more timely manner, we would like to be able to communicate with you via email.

If you are interested in joining our e-mail database, for informational updates and to help us save postage, please send an email to and provide us with your name and current email address. We will not publish this address without your prior approval nor will we sell this information to any marketer or marketing company. It is for our internal use only.

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Alumni/ae Profile

While we will continue to publish “news” about our alums in The Ready Report, we would also like to highlight our alums individually, for lives well-lived. We are particularly proud of the accomplishments of Bishop Ready alumni/ae and want to share your accomplishments with others.

We see this as a more expanded version of our Alum Notes!

We’ve provided a form for your convenience. You may download, print, and mail this PDF form or you may fill-in the form below. Or, of course, just use a sheet of paper and send in the information to:

Bishop Ready High School
Alumni Relations
707 Salisbury Road
Columbus, OH 43204.

If you own a business, please be sure to let us know. We are always happy to promote Ready-affiliated businesses and will use an alum-related business ourselves, when possible.

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