Campus Ministry 2019-2020
Living the Gospel Message (LTGM)
Junior Year Service Guidelines

Our Mission:

Bishop Ready High School is committed to spiritual formation, academic distinction, and social responsibility in a Catholic tradition, wherein all persons are called to witness and reflect the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

The requirement for service learning across all grade levels supports our mission statement and is intended to engage students in activities that bring aid, comfort and care in a community setting. 


General Guidelines

The following guidelines reflect the spirit and intent of promoting the gospel message outside of Bishop Ready High School.  Therefore, students are to seek opportunities for service in their home parish and their communities at large.

Students must accumulate a minimum of twenty-five (25) hours of service learning; they are to be earned from the first day of summer vacation following their sophomore year and must be completed by the last day of third quarter of the current school year.

Parish settings or places of worship, their own or another, are limited to ten (10) total hours. This limitation applies to all associated liturgical ministries, sports programs and leagues. The remaining fifteen (15) hours must be completed outside of the parish or place of worship.  The exception to this guideline pertains to working with students in an educational setting within the parish or place of worship such as PSR.  All twenty-five (25) hours may be completed in this specific setting. If there is any doubt as to the validity of the place or service to be provided, students should receive permission in writing from a Bishop Ready High School Theology teacher or Dr. SK before the volunteerism takes place.

The record of service learning hours must be completed on the BRHS Supervisor’s Evaluation Form.  Students shall insure that a representative of the organization where the hours are earned completes all of the information specified on the form including the total number of service learning hours earned.  The form is available here. A parent, family member, or another volunteer may not sign a student’s Supervisor’s Evaluation Form as verification of hours earned.  In such instances where a parent or family member works for or is associated with the organization, another qualified member of the organization must sign the form.  Students shall take responsibility for the completion of the form by the signing supervisor.  It is suggested that students be prepared with a copy of the Supervisor’s Evaluation Form.



  • Gospel Road, sponsored by the Diocese of Columbus, and other church sponsored work camps and mission trips are encouraged. Only the hours spent in providing service to the disadvantaged or assisting in the operation of the trip itself are allowed.  Travel, meal time, entertainment and slumber are omitted.
  • Hospitals and nursing homes are acceptable.  Students should be cognizant of training, orientations and health screenings required for their participation.
  • Food pantries, soup kitchens and used clothing distribution based in local communities or churches are acceptable.
  • 4-H Service, Fair Boards and Boy or Girl Scout Camp Counselors are acceptable provided that the service given is not also a requirement of their membership in the organization such as achieving rank, earning badges or membership awards.  Training in order to accomplish service for these organizations is not counted.
  • Working at home (cooking, baking, sewing, etc.) is not acceptable service even if the product is delivered to an organization. Such activities are acceptable only if they are provided on-site at the benefitting organization.
  • Providing unpaid work at a for-profit business is unacceptable, no matter the clients being served or the type of service given. 
  • No private arrangements between student and client(s) are acceptable, no matter the client being served or the type of service given. 
  • Due to potential legal issues, Bingo at any organization is unacceptable under any circumstance.
  • Students are encouraged to earn their hours during summer break where freedom, relaxation and versatility allow for the enjoyment of giving service and exceeding the required number of hours.  However, students should not mail or drop off Supervisor Evaluation Forms to Bishop Ready High School during summer break. After the school year commences, Supervisor Evaluation Forms should be submitted to the student’s Theology teacher.

EVALUATION: A third quarter Theology grade of twenty (20) points will be awarded for total completion and verification of twenty-five (25) service learning hours and completion of a written assignment or other activity for reflection designed by the Theology teacher.  This grade is an all or nothing grade

ELIGIBILITY: Juniors who are not up-to-date in their service learning requirement by the end of the fourth quarter of the current year will be regarded as ineligible for all extra-curricular activities which includes participation in summer conditioning and practice for Fall sports.  If a student is ineligible at the end of the academic year, said student will remain ineligible until the start of the next school year when service hours earned are verified by the student’s theology teacher. No other school personnel or representative may supersede this policy.

LIVING THE GOSPEL MESSAGE ANNUAL AWARD: Students who exceed the required number of hours in service learning may be recognized for their volunteerism at the Underclassmen Awards Assembly.

Please click here for a printable copy of the guidelines.

The above guidelines and listing are provided to assist students in making good choices for service learning opportunities. Not every opportunity or scenario can be anticipated; acceptance of service hours earned is the final decision of the Bishop Ready High School Campus Ministry Team.  Questions regarding acceptable service should be addressed to the student’s Theology teacher. If such a question should arise during the summer, students may email Barbara SchwabKlaco (Dr. SK) at   or any BRHS Theology teacher. Students shall make no assumptions otherwise. Emailed responses of approval, if given, should be retained by the student. 


American Red Cross

Bishop Griffin Food Center and Pantry

Buddy Ball Leagues and Events

City Year Columbus

Columbus Literacy Council

Columbus Metro Parks

Columbus Metropolitan Library; Grandview Public Library, Hilltop Library

Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

Community Kitchen Columbus

Deaf Services Center (Worthington)

Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio 

Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Cincinnati-Columbus   

Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities        

Furniture Bank of Central Ohio

Gladden Community House

Goodwill Columbus (Hilliard)

Guadalupe Center

H.E.L.P. House (London)

Heinzerling Foundation  

Hilltop Heroes

Holy Family Soup Kitchen

Huckleberry House

Humane Societies (non-profit)

J.O.I.N. (Joint Organization for Inner City Needs)

Life Care Alliance/Meals on Wheels

Mid-Ohio Food Bank – Kroger Community Pantry (Hilliard)

Ohio School for the Blind

Ronald McDonald House

Run the Race Center

Salvation Army

Shepherd’s Corner at Dominican Acres

South Side Roots Café & Market

Special Olympics

St. Stephen’s Community House

St. Vincent de Paul Society

The Jubilee Museum

West Side Free Store


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