AP Digital Home Testing and Opt-Out Option

Guidance / Guidance
  • The AP program has determined that a digital home testing option would be a means to keep students and teachers safe during this time.  They are working on developing free response questions for each course and will unlock relevant free response practice questions similar to those that will appear on the exam.  More testing details will be released on April 3rd.   


  • The AP Program will also allow students to opt out of testing at no charge, and Bishop Ready High School will be lifting our testing requirement for this year as well.  They do however suggest waiting until it’s closer to the exam date to decide.  If parents and students are deciding to proceed without testing, parents must email Mrs. Neuhausel mneuhausel@cdeducation.org and Mrs. Strickland zstrickl@cdeducation.org with an official request.  If payment was made it will be reimbursed, and those proceeding with the test must make sure AP fees have been submitted.  You may send payments to Bishop Ready High School 707 Salisbury Rd. Columbus, OH 43204. Attention: Guidance.  

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