Your Child's Next Steps to Prepare for the 2020 AP Exams

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Get Ready for AP Exams

Dear Parent,

Here's important information to help guide your child through the AP® Exam day experience.

New Resources

*AP Exam Day Checklist: Your child should complete this checklist for each AP Exam they'll be taking this year, and keep it next to them on test day.

*Explainer Videos: New videos are available to give your child quick, easily accessible information about the test day experience and what they need to do to prepare. Additional videos will be posted to this playlist soon.

The Basics

The Prep

The Experience

Coming Soon

*AP Exam Demo: On May 4, your child will be able to practice submissions through the exam demo, which will give a click-through practice for the different ways to submit responses to this year's AP Exams.

◦We encourage all students to take this important preparation step.

◦This will help your child avoid technical difficulties on the day of the exam.

◦The demo will be generic across subjects, and not a practice exam. See below for info on a specific video and demo for world languages exams.

*AP Prep Week: Next week, the online AP Classes and Review Sessions will focus on the exam day experience and sample exam questions.

*Two Days Before Exams: Your child will receive an email with their exam e-ticket 48 hours before their exam. Be sure to help your child check what time their exams will start in your time zone.

*Portfolio Submissions Due: AP Computer Science Principles, Seminar, Research, and Art and Design submissions are due by May 26, 11:59 p.m. ET.

Information for AP World Languages Exams

*A video specifically about the test-taking experience for AP Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish Language and Culture exams will be available the week of May 4.

*The world languages exams will be administered using a new dedicated app-the AP World Languages Exam App (WLEA). Students taking these exams must use this app on smartphones or tablets, not on laptops or desktop computers. This free app will be available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store the week of May 11. We'll email students and their teachers to let them know when the app is available to download. Visit our site for more details.

*Accommodations details for the above exams are also available now.

*If you're unsure whether your child can access the app, or if your child doesn't have a device, you can fill out this survey as soon as possible so we can help support your child (applicable to U.S./U.S. territories).

Information for AP Music Theory Exams

*Before exam day, students will need to print or hand-copy the 2020 Music Theory Answer Sheet and have access to an audio recording app or software. Please see more information on the website.




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