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Message from our athletic trainer.

Hello All

I hope everyone is staying safe! I just wanted to reach out to everyone and let you know that Nationwide Children's Hospital has Telehealth appointments up and running!

Nationwide Children’s Sports Medicine is still Here for You with new TELEHEALTH care!

Injuries are still happening. The Sports Medicine team at Nationwide Children’s Hospital are still here for our student athletes and active kids at play. We are committed to keeping our kids safe. They are using the latest telehealth technology to see patients. Call (614) 355-6003 to schedule an appointment with a Nationwide Children’s Sports Medicine expert.

Please feel free to pass this information along to the parents of our athletes. They may reach out to us and call the number listed above to schedule your Telehealth Sports Medicine appointments!

Stay safe

Kyle Thompson, MS, AT, ATC

Athletic Trainer, Bishop Ready High School

Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Sports Medicine

Office: 614-355-6076


Instant Online Scheduling with Sports Medicine

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