Rally for Ready

Rally for Ready

Renovating the gym floor...

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The renovations and refurbishing of the physical plant at Ready continues as
we go forward with our “Rally for Ready” campaign to replace the current gym floor
and bleachers.

As you know (and, as an alum, may well remember!), the gym is often the
central gathering place for many events at Ready; in addition to sports, our gym also
serves as an assembly hall and a sacred place for liturgies.
To make our gym safer and more user-friendly, the old gym floor will be
removed, the sub floor will be repaired, the bleachers will be removed and a new
gym floor and bleachers will be installed.
We’re well on our way to funding this renovation…donations will continue to
be accepted to help finance both the new floor and bleachers and to cover
maintenance for same. (Check our website later for information about a possible
fun donation “purchase.”)

We look forward to many more successful championships developed at the
Ready gym; it has proven to be a place where scholarships are earned! The new
sports seasons are underway and we encourage you to visit us, stroll the Athletic
Hall of Fame, and cheer on your Silver Knights! And imagine a new floor and
bleachers…physical improvements to match our scholar/athletes efforts!

Celene A. Seamen                                                                 Steven McQuade
President                                                                                 Athletic Director
cseamen@cdeducation.org                                                 smcquade@cdeducation.org
(614) 276-5263, ext. 204                                                        (614) 276-5263, ext. 211

P.S. For more information about contributing to the gym renovation, please contact
me at smcquade@cdeducation.org.

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