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Always Ready


Since our opening in 1961, the Bishop Ready educational experience has been designed to benefit the whole person, for education is more than the study of certain subjects. 

We are very proud of our academic program; we have verifiable evidence through our graduates that the approach we espouse works!  We continue to upgrade our curriculum, adding new courses that speak to the work force needs in a rapidly changing world while adding new AP, Honors, and College Credit Courses to enable our students to be more than well-prepared for life in the collegiate setting.

The paths that our alums choose to follow is often predicated by the interests that they developed at Bishop Ready; our co-curricular activities give our students a wealth of choices to develop interests outside of their comfort zones. 

Each student is encouraged to participate in one or more sports, for we believe that participating in sports, as individuals or as members of a team, helps to develop an understanding that success can be fleeting but failure is never final.  Our athletes develop skills that serve them well in other endeavors; they learn to never to accept both success and defeat graciously…and to never give up!

Through all that Bishop Ready offers, paramount is a values-centered foundation, based on Catholic theology and Christian principles.  Our faith is highlighted not only in our formal settings of worship and spiritual retreats but also in the classroom, in our sports programs, in our commitment to service to others through volunteer projects, and in our everyday, normal interactions with each other.

When you join the Ready Family, you are embraced as an individual with intrinsic worth and you are encouraged, on a daily basis, to meet and exceed your own expectations, as well as those of your teachers.

We, the Bishop Ready community, believe...

  • in the innate dignity of the individual as beloved by God.

  • that we are called to serve as leaders, committed to the discovery, integration, dissemination, and application of truth.

  • that each student progresses toward academic, moral, social and spiritual maturity as an individual son or daughter of God.

  • that each of us contributes to creating a positive learning environment wherein students become moral, self-directed, confident, global thinkers.

  • in teaching students to adapt to their ever-changing world.

  • in the value of creativity, imagination, and passion.

  • that diversity is an opportunity to enrich school culture promote a thoroughly inclusive community.

  • that each student is called to develop a greater sense of his/her own role as a world citizen.

BRHS At-A-Glance

  • Founded in 1961

  • Catholic, co-educational, Diocesan High School

  • 13 academic departments

  • College Credit Plus, Advanced Placement, and Honors courses

  • Distance Learning Program

  • International Student Program

  • 22 clubs and organizations

  • 17 athletic teams

  • 90% of graduating seniors attend college/university

  • over 8,000 alumni/ae

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