Bishop Ready's Athletics Program

The Bishop Ready Mission Statement applies equally to our athletic program, as it does to our academic and service programs. Our student-athletes follow the ideals of spiritual formation, academic distinction, and social responsibility in a Catholic tradition where all persons are called to witness and reflect the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Ready student-athletes and coaches put their faith at the core of all activities. We expect our student-athletes to exemplify their faith by the way that they act, serve, and learn.

Academic distinction is a cornerstone of a Ready education and our expectations for our student-athletes are the same as they are for all of our students.  Success in the classroom leads to success on the fields of play.

Our students, our alums, our parents…anyone who is connected to Ready will attest to the Ready Family.  We take care of each and our greater community.  Social responsibility extends beyond the Ready campus; we support each other and we strive to treat everyone with respect while also working to be our best.  Wanting to be our very best and wanting to help others succeed go hand-in-hand at Ready.

Our coaches respect the Ready philosophy and use it to bring out the best in our student-athletes.  We have had student-athletes named All-Ohio in nine different sports, have earned numerous CCL Championships, and most of our sports have had state qualifiers.  Over 70% of our sports teams have been District Champions or better.  In addition, several of our student-athletes have competed and scored as Champions in Junior Olympics.

In the years between 2013 and 2018, 56 of our student-athletes went on to play their sport on the collegiate level, many of them receiving significant scholarships to do so.

With 14 sports to choose from, we believe that every student at Ready has the opportunity to continue to play their preferred sport or learn a new one.  The friendships that are developed and solidified through our athletic program, in concert with our academic and service programs, last well beyond the years at Ready.

Steven McQuade '05

Athletic Director



Combined district, regional, or state championships across various disciplines.
Trips by athletic teams to state finals.
Athletes received scholarships to play at the collegiate level in 2021.

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