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Faith Life at Bishop Ready High School


Bishop Ready incorporates faith life into the everyday activities/lives of our students.  Our Campus Ministry Department leads the way, in a collaborative effort with students, faculty, staff, and administration, in developing committed Christians who willingly participate to help make our world, at Ready and at large, a better place for all. 

The Campus Ministry Department oversees worship services, retreats, service requirements, and sponsors the St. Vincent de Paul Society. 

Various activities not under the purview of Campus Ministry also contribute to the faith life on a daily basis:  clubs and organizations sponsor food drives for area soup kitchens and food pantries and collect items for distribution for those who are homeless and those who are in need (for example, various Christmas and Easter projects). 

Our service requirements encompass various volunteer activities, including, but not limited to, visits to nursing homes, helping out at food banks, working with youth groups, tutoring and volunteering at parishes.



of students are involved in ministry.

(Liturgical ministry, St. Vincent  de Paul Society, Retreat Leaders)



hours of community service performed by students


outreach programs sponsored by Campus Ministry.

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