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Living the Gospel Message Retreats*

Freshman Retreat

In September, freshmen experience a two-day retreat program in order to put them in touch with their personal faith life and to communicate to them what to expect from their time at Bishop Ready so that they may develop together as a class on their four-year journey towards graduation.

Sophomore Retreat

Members of the sophomore class have two retreat experiences throughout the year: one retreat is a service day, wherein they, as a class, perform a service activity in the community and the second experience is a one-day retreat which focuses on their call to community as Christians.

Junior Retreat

Juniors experience a one-day retreat which is lead by the staff of the Jesuit Spirituality Center of Millford, OH.

Senior Retreat

The senior class participates in a three-day/two-night experience where they contemplate their personal faith lives and the value of their faith as they near adulthood.

*Retreats are mandatory for all students.

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